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Dog Lighthouse

Dog Lighthouse is still in an active development phase, and we're working on it intensively.

Dog Lighthouse is an innovative multifunctional device primarily designed for tracking and ensuring the safety of your canine companion. With a sophisticated attachment to your dog's harness, you get several safety features in one. The device we develop features lighting in multiple modes for user (dog) visibility, integrated GNSS (GPS, Galileo and Glonass) technology for real-time location tracking, as well as sound and vibration elements to alert your pet if something is amiss. However, this is just a brief list of the features that the device offers.

Dog Lighthouse becomes an essential partner for dog owners who want the assurance that their beloved pet is always safe. We believe that with the Dog Lighthouse device, a new era in dog safety begins. Join us and be among the first to not only own but also experience this technology.

Basic Features

Compared to competitors, we offer: Our product stands out with GNSS (GPS, Galileo and Glonass) support and LoRa technology, ensuring maximum position accuracy compared to regular GPS and excellent connectivity even in areas with no mobile signal. We provide intelligent lighting in all directions with various modes for maximum safety. Additionally, we include features that competitors lack, such as wildlife detection or heart rate monitoring.

    Warning Safety Features

  • Light signaling with white light in front, green light on the sides, and red light at the rear ensures clear visibility for over 500 meters, maximizing your dog's visibility.
  • Illuminates the area up to a distance of 5 meters, allowing you to see what's happening around your dog.
  • Dog Lighthouse provides visibility when moving on the ground thanks to orange or white warning flashing.
  • Dog Lighthouse emits sound and vibration warnings to alert your pet that something is wrong - this alert allows you to call your dog or give it another command.

    Intelligent Features and Connectivity

  • Virtual fence, health monitoring including heart rate, wildlife proximity detector, tap control, and SOS function.
  • Thanks to integrated NFC, anyone can read data for the safe return of the dog to the owner by placing a mobile phone nearby.
  • Real-time dog tracking with long battery life.
  • Control through a mobile app, enabling efficient remote communication, and with the combination of GNSS (GPS, Galileo and Glonass), GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, you will stay connected with your dog anywhere in the world
  • With us, you won't have to pay any subscription fees for services, everything will be included in the price of Dog Lighthouse.
  • Dog Lighthouse features hook and magnets for easy attachment in various locations.

    Versatile Use - Not Just for Dogs

  • The "warning triangle" function can be used to mark a location where an unexpected bicycle or car repair is taking place.
  • Flashlight - if you're in nature and don't have lighting with you, Dog Lighthouse will illuminate the necessary area up to a distance of 5 meters.
  • Thanks to the digital compass, you will always know the correct direction without needing to rely on navigation.
  • Pre-settable alarm clock.

    Elegant Design with Accessories

  • Easy one-handed attachment and removal from the harness, with a secure and reliable grip that will never fall off.
  • Interchangeable covers allowing personalization of Dog Lighthouse to match your individual preferences.
  • Possibility to attach action cameras and other accessories.

    Virtual Dog Lighthouse

    Here you can try out the lighting modes of Dog Lighthouse

Obrázek 1

    3D model & Technical information

List of Functions and Features
Functions and Features Dog Lighthouse Max Dog Lighthouse Mini Others
Tracking GNSS, LoRa, 365-day record LoRa, 365-day record GPS, based on subscription level
Connectivity GNSS (GPS, Galileo and Glonass), LoRa, GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LoRa, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Light Signaling 360°, 14 leds RGBW, modes, 360°, 10 leds RGBW, modes limited or single light
Activity Monitoring walking, sleep, standing, sitting, lying, running, swimming walking, sleep, standing, sitting, lying, running, swimming sleep
Sound and Vibration Signaling customization options customization options limited
Health Monitoring heart rate, breathing
Nearby Wildlife Detection 50m, 180°
NFC reading, writing reading, writing
Touch Control
SOS even in case of a drained mobile phone
Subscription no subscription for GSM no subscription subscription for GSM required
Durability Waterproof, mechanical resistance Waterproof Waterproof
Charging USB-C, fast charging USB-C requires special connectors
Interchangeable Covers cover is part of the device increases size increases size
Mounting Options Beyond the Dog hook, magnet, stand hook, magnet, stand
Storage Space medication, waste bags, home keys
Virtual Fence
Remote Control GSM, LoRa (remote controller), Bluetooth LoRa (receiver device), Bluetooth GSM, Bluetooth or radio (receiver device)
Additional Features warning triangle, flashlight, night light, compass, pedometer warning triangle, flashlight, night light, pedometer

Prototype progress

Dog Lighthouse is still in an active development phase, and we're working on it intensively.


It is being worked on:

We are currently working on developing the prototype of version 2. This new version will bring numerous enhancements and new features for testing and further development. It will involve redesigned design, hardware improvements, as well as firmware updates. Concurrently, version 2 is expected to introduce a basic mobile application. The new prototype is aimed to be more effectively presentable.

Dog Lighthouse Max - prototype version 2





Dog Lighthouse Mini - prototype version 1





Accessories and others

Max - Remote controller

Max - Base with extendet battery

Mini - Receiver device

Web server


Dog Lighthouse Max - prototype version 1


Our Team

We are a group of friends and passionate dog lovers, and our common project is Dog Lighthouse.

Together, we have set the goal of completing this project and introducing it to the world. Together, we are the strongest – we form a team with unique skills and enthusiasm for what we do.

Support development

We would like to invite you to support our project, both financially and non-financially. We appreciate any assistance you can provide. Here are all the support options currently available:

Financial Support

Financial support is a key element that allows us to achieve our goals and move our project forward. You can choose one of the financial options, such as a contribution to a transparent account or using PayPal. We thank you for the essential financial assistance.

Non-Financial Support

Non-financial support is also crucial for the success of our project. By sharing information, filling out our survey, subscribing to our newsletter, or joining our team, you become a pillar of our success. Your engagement and support help us achieve our goals.


This is the project timeline. By swiping sideways, you can view older records.

New Webdesing and logo


With joy, we announce the launch of our newly designed website! The new layout brings richer content and a modern look that aligns with current trends. Our goal with this update is to enhance your user experience and provide more information in an attractive environment. In addition to redesigning the layout, we have also refreshed our logo to better reflect our innovation and modern approach.

It's Out There


This date marks the launch of these websites and the introduction of the Dog Lighthouse project to the public. Our main intention is to build awareness about the project and gain support for our vision.

Team and Prototype 2


The day I realized that I couldn't do it without help. I decided to involve my friends in the project. At the same time, I started developing Prototype Version 2, which will bring numerous improvements.

In the Field


After several months of field testing, I achieved amazing results. The Dog Lighthouse, which is now attached with a special holder that secures it with one hand, lights up around the perimeter in various situations and communicates with the dog using vibrations or whistles. This version is equipped with support for GNSS (GPS, Galileo and Glonass), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. During development, I made a total of 81 different modifications from the original concept and fine-tuned the design to the last detail.

First Official Prototype 1


The prototype was created on the day I named the project "Dog Lighthouse." On the same day, I installed advanced electronics with support for GNSS (GPS, Galileo and Glonass), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and various sensors into Dog Lighthouse. In addition, the design itself underwent a change, and special mounting mechanisms were used instead of Velcro straps. This was followed by a period of field testing.



A short while later, I came up with another version of the box, which was divided into two parts. The base of the box was still attached to the harness using Velcro straps, while the second part was easily inserted into the first part, creating a secure connection between the two parts and allowing for easy attachment and removal of the box. This second part contained an Arduino and an LED strip, making the light much brighter.

Rapid Testing


I created a 3D model of the box, which I then printed using a 3D printer. I equipped this box with a brightly glowing promotional item and attached it to the dog's harness using Velcro straps. The light may not have been too strong, but I knew that this was only the beginning of something bigger.

First Idea


It was Geralt who inspired me to this great idea. I needed a combination of light localization and GNSS (GPS and Glonass) for him, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any device on the market that met my requirements. That's why I decided to create my own device.

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